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You decide who will know that you are receiving Webtherapy. You never have to enter an office, sit in a waiting room, talk with a receptionist, or wonder who will know about your problems. You don't have to tell your family members unless you wish to; our privacy measures are so extensive that even people with whom you share a computer have no access to information about your Webtherapy. If you are online at the Webtherapy site and you happen to step away, Webtherapy will automatically log you off after five minutes of inactivity.

Webtherapy's low overhead and efficient delivery system allows for effective treatment at a greatly reduced cost. You can receive communications from your webtherapist five times a week for a month for a little more than the average cost of one psychotherapy session in an office.

The Webtherapy system offers you the convenience of sending communications to your therapist at any time, as often as you wish, from home, at work, even when you are on vacation. Send messages from your laptop or through any computer that has access to the Internet. You are guaranteed of complete privacy to read your therapist's communications, and write communications to your therapist, from any computer at any time, because all of the confidential information resides on our secure website, not on your computer or the computer you are using.

Webtherapy gives you the opportunity for immediate communication to your therapist when you are in the mood. You have the freedom to express your issues and feelings at the time when they are most intense. This flexibility greatly enhances the therapeutic potential of your efforts. In addition, we have found that progress is faster when people are given the opportunity to work on their problems on a daily basis.

Sometimes people find it difficult to talk about their problems, innermost thoughts, and deepest feelings, in the physical presence of a therapist with whom they may not feel completely comfortable. Webtherapy provides anonymity not possible in a face-to-face interaction with another person. We have found that people are able to talk to their webtherapists about issues that they may never have revealed to anyone before.

Webtherapy condenses the therapeutic process into its essence. We have no need to fill the traditional 50-minute hour of office-based therapy. You save additional time (and money as well) by not having to travel to the office, and not having to sit in a waiting room until your therapist is ready to see you.

Relaxed Pace
The Webtherapy structure allows people to take as much time as they need to think and articulate their ideas without the pressure of a therapist sitting in the room, charging money for the time. Webtherapy charges by the week, not by the session.

Webtherapy is easily accessible to people regardless of geography, availability of transportation, traffic patterns, weather, and in spite of many physical illnesses and disabilities.

Quality of Therapists
Use of the Internet allows us to make available to you, a therapist chosen from a large pool of expert licensed therapists from various locations throughout your state. Our size and reputation allow us to attract a more impressive panel of therapists than any hospital or clinic could possibly assemble under one roof. Webtherapy is able to provide some of the best experts from around the country.